8 YouTube SEO optimization tips & tutorial

YouTube SEO optimization tips & tutorial
The most important things in YouTube marketing.

8 YouTube ranking-factors :

1. Video Content
Create specific and effective video content, targeted, interesting, useful, simple, easy to watch. Do not cluttered with ads and promotional material. Don’t interfere content with excessive watermark and attribution intro.

2. Title tag
Such as SEO for web page, Title has important role for better high ranking on SERP or YouTube Search Result Page (YSRP). Include best long tail keyword to describe the video content. Avoid irrelevant and spammy title tag.

3. Description tag
Put main and long tail keywords in first 156 characters. Relevant and prominent but still looks fairly description increase Click-through rate (CTR) on Google and YouTube search result page. Write up to 500 words description.

4. Tags
Put up to 15 tags as main keywords that relevant with content. Tags help YouTube to find your video as “related videos”. Appropriate tags increase viewership and give benefits as suggested video and likely as trending.

5. Transcription
YouTube use video transcription or closed caption as one of rank factor on Search Result Page. It’s chance for any video marketer but doesn’t mean you spam the video with full of keyword. Just write your transcription rightly.

6. Channel Authority
Authority channel has more chances to get best result on SERP for every videos published. Channel’s authority is all about how optimized it channel, include social engagement, audience retention rate and content relevancy.

7. Video Filename
Change the default filename of raw video title before uploaded with relevance and targeted keyword but keep naturally and don’t spam. It’s has more value of the video for better ranking on YouTube Search Result Page.

8. Social Engagement
User reactions is an external factor for YouTube SEO, i.e audience retention rate, thumbs up/down ratio, number of comments, social shares, video embeddings, subscribers, videos in playlists, inbound links, click rate in lists.

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