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Visit: Hello, Dave Keys here again and I’ll ask you to bear with me for a couple of minutes longer. I promise it will be worth your time because what I’m going to share now, if applied, will drastically impact your business net profit from a brand new revenue source that you have never fully leveraged and the capacity for success is both exponential and sustainable.

Many of my clients’ competitors suffer in their markets because they do not have the same advantage. They frequently call me for help after seeing my clients’ successful income, growth and acquisition of market share and it is too late as I am fully engaged in their markets on behalf of my clients.

If your assisted-living business is suffering from Limited or declining leads and inbound customers you can be sure it is both unnecessary and foolish. If your business remains that way. Three things are certain.

National brands and directory syndicates will continue to push for market domination nationwide and they are often able to achieve that unchallenged by local businesses who don’t know there is a better alternative.
Doing nothing Will ensure that your business continues to lose ground to these aggressive strategies. The national chains know where the money is in the market today and are aggressively positioning for present and future dollars and expanding market share.
Our consistent results and performance in search engine visibility is responsible for 10s of millions of dollars in sales in the real estate market every year and an impressive 97% operating capacity at Franklin companies in Texas.

Now we are offering our service to a very limited number of assisted-living businesses. You’ll find that for the revenue generated our campaign will require the investment recovered of just one or perhaps two month’s revenue from a single new client while obtaining many new leads and customers otherwise going to someone else. Your capacity can go from operating under a strain to the new problem of trying to figure out how to fill the new demand. The inflow of cash profit Will enable you to fix a myriad of operating and recruiting problems, Upgrade and expand and operate at a healthy and generous profit instead of margins that threaten the quality of your products and services.

Again, I don’t need to create scarcity. I manage all my campaigns personally so I choose who will best qualify and limit my service to a few. If you’re serious about improving your market visibility and profit, contact me now. This is a limited campaign and someone is going to fill in the available capacity in MY business in a very short time. I am here to bring your business sustained online visibility and profitability. Do get in touch now by phone or the contact form to the right and start exchanging your invisibility for maximum profitability.

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