Can’t Make It in This City Without Heat

When you need hvac maintenance in NYC, you really need hvac maintenance. Anyone who has lived in New York City during a harsh winter knows the sheer terror that washes over you when the heat goes out. You better know someone who lives nearby with a fireplace or a working heater or you are in for a miserable few days. In some cases it can take a few weeks to get someone out to assess the problem. Living in a brownstone means at some point the heat is going to go out. Sure enough, mine went out in the middle of a bad storm.

So of course I immediately got online and tried to find someone who could make it through the clogged streets in order to fix the unit. My worst fear was that I would need a brand new heater. Considering I was short of funds to make that happen, you can imagine my anxiety level as I waited for the guy to show up and take a look at the unit. I knew it was old, but I was praying he could patch it up enough to drag me through until Spring.

I needn’t have worried. It turns out the problem was simply an inexpensive small part that needed to be replaced. It was such a common part that he actually had one in his pocket! Apparently they go out all the time and it causes the entire unit to shut down. Once he snapped the new piece in it fired right up and it felt so good to feel the warm air coursing out of the vents. I would have gladly paid double what it cost I was so happy. He did a great job, and he even went above and beyond the call of duty by suggesting I make sure to replace the furnace filters because they looked dirty.

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