Denver SEO – How to Find an SEO Company for 2014

Do you want to get more website traffic this year?

The economy is booming in Denver, which means ranking your business in the top spots in Google has gotten more difficult than ever. Ok, so our video may be a little cheesy, but if you are looking to launch a successful campaign for Denver SEO, you can’t just rely on agencies using the same old SEO strategies and tactics.
Here are a few things that are going to make the difference for finding an SEO partner that can help your business’ success online 2014:

(1) Finding a company that specializes in SEO — With algorithm updates happening all the time (Penguin, Panda, Hummingbird, etc.), you need a company that is keeping 100% of their focus on your website. Many website design firms & marketing agencies claim that they “do SEO to,” which typically means they have a guy or two they’ve brought in as their SEO guru. This is a far cry from a full staff of SEO experts & clients.

(2) Hire a local Denver SEO firm — There are a lot of nuances to the Mile High market and it’s better to have a partner that understands that. Honestly, you can also vet out whether a company is a legitimate SEO agency, a marketing agency moonlighting as SEO, or an SEO guy working out of his basement if you can meet them in person.

(3) More than just keyword optimization — If you have a company focusing just on things like keyword tags & titles, then you may be talking to someone who doesn’t have the depth of what you need. Here are some “buzz words” to listen for when talking to an SEO company to see if they are up on the latest 2014 trends:

a. Google Plus
b. Social Media Marketing & social Signals
c. Mobile
d. Semantic Search
e. Content Marketing
f. Blogging
g. Promotions & Influencer Outreach
h. Conversion Optimization
i. User Intent

(4) Continue to Ignore Guarantees — If you are talking to a company guaranteeing you something like ranking, be aware of the two biggest risks of this:
a. They are buying their way in via a Paid Search program.
b. They are going to pick keyword phrases that no one searches & that have no competition — those are easy keywords to guarantee ranking for, but won’t help improve your bottom line.

If you are looking for a good SEO company, you’ve got some great options here in the Denver market.

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