Domain Name Registration – Search and Register Website Name
When starting your new online music business, something you want to get right is your domain name. The following are steps that I use when choosing and registering a new domain.

What is a Domain Name
A domain name is the name you commonly know websites by.
– The part of the domain name preceeding the top level domain is the second level domain. For example, eBusk is a second level domain.
Domain names need to be registered with a domain registrar and renewed every so often depending on the time frame you select. More on that in a minute.
When choosing a domain name for your website, there are a number of things to keep in mind.

Top Tips For Selecting A Domain Name
I recommend making it ‘.com’. This is the most recognizable top level domain and is what most people would automatically type into an address bar. This will greatly reduce your branding efforts. If you don’t have a ‘.com’ domain then you will need to ensure that all of your marketing displays exactly what your site name is because people expect it to be a ‘.com’.
If possible make your domain name and business name the same. Again, this allows you to maximize your branding efforts.
Use keywords if possible. This will aid your search engine optimization. Not sure what I’m talking about. Check out the link below, Keyword Research and SEO For Musicians.
Try to keep it short, easy to remember and easy to spell.
Make it catchy, creative, unique.
I avoid the use of hyphens in domain names. I think that falls into the hard to spell category especially when you are spelling out the domain name to another person.
If your band name is taken, you may try adding a prefix or suffix word like or

So let’s get started finding and registering your new domain name. The best place that I have found for finding and registering/buying a domain name is
– Go Daddy. I have used them for years and haven’t had any problems at all with them. Domain registration was what they originally hung their hat on and it’s what they do best and from what I’ve found, they do it the cheapest. GoDaddy has
o the best prices and
o excellent customer service.
o They also have tools to aid in the selection of a domain name process. Let’s turn to the computer to get started.

Their page changes frequently, but you should see a large ‘Start Your Domain Search Here’ headline. Start by entering some ideas using the guidelines above. Note that the TLD defaults to ‘.com’. Click the Search button.
If you’re lucky, then you will see a big check mark saying that your selected domain is available. Excellent. If not, there will be other possible suggestions and I’m sure you have other ideas to try.
Once you’ve found your perfect domain name – There will also be a list of other TLDs that you can register as well. I think it’s wise to buy up other common domain name endings because they’re cheap and if/when you become successful you’ll wish you had kept them away from poachers. This also helps your main domain name stay unique. Now, if this is too pricey starting out, you can come back later and get the other top level domains when you are more successful.
Once you’ve found your perfect domain name, ensure it is selected, as well as any other top level domain names you’re purchasing, and select ‘Add’, then ‘Registration’. This is basically a 4 step process.
First, you will need to create an account which is straightforward.
Second step is setting your Domain settings.
Another recommendation that I have is to set your registration length for as long a period as possible. I always register my domains for 10 years. There are a couple reasons why I do this.
Search engines (meaning Google) will take the domain registration length as one of the factors when determining your page rank (their indication of the importance of your page or site). The longer the domain registration can lead to improved page rank.

The cost of domain registration is not going down. To register a domain name for 10 years now will be much cheaper than re-registering every year.

Avoid the extra task of having to re-register every year. One less task to do is more time do something you enjoy. Put as much of this on auto pilot as possible.
The 3rd step is Your Privacy And Domain Protection. I suggest to just keep it simple, keep it Standard and hit Next.
4th step is Activate Your Domain. Just select Next. Review your Shopping Cart and then Continue To Checkout and enter account and billing information as needed.
Once you checkout, you will receive a confirmation email receipt including important information such as your loginID and password. That information needs to go in your Stash.

Now that you have your domain name, you need excellent, inexpensive webhosting for your website.

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