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Nowadays, it’s important to ensure that your business’ website is visible to search engines. Search Engine Optimization gives visibility to your site, enabling people to find it easier when they make searches in relation to your field.

Here are some useful tips for Search Engine Optimization:

1. Research Your Keywords
It’s not enough to guess keywords based on an understanding of the industry. It’s important to do research on the best possible keywords for your specific target audience.

2. Resize Your Graphics
The most effective way to improve loading speeds for your site is to alter the size and resolution of your graphics, as opposed to simply reducing the width and height attributes.

3. Maximize Your Homepage’s Link Authority
Your homepage most likely receives the most amount of visitors on your entire site. Including links to other pages on the homepage would be useful for your audience. Examples of these pages are primary product pages, frequently asked questions, glossary of terms, etc.

4. Excessive Repetition In Your Title Tags Is Counterproductive
The terms you use as title tags and headings on the pages of your website should be thoroughly researched. Repetition of words in your titles is detrimental to your search engine ranking. Be sure to optimize your other pages, not only your home page as Title Tags can be extremely useful when it comes to Search Engine Optimization.

5. Work On Your Content
Optimizing your site to ensure it is seen is one thing, but retaining your audience is a whole other story. Adding fresh content with informative articles and blog posts is crucial for keeping visitors coming, and it also helps your search engine ranks.

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