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In this video I wanted to speak about how to get repeat customers toy our online store and to your business by creating a brand around what you do. A lot of eCommerce sellers are poor at branding. Ho many times have you order something online and it comes in a crappy old giffy bag? I believe the future of eCommerce will see a rise in small business who have established a brand online and offline. It is great being able to create an attractive listing on eBay or amazon or to have your website ranking highly in the search engines, but you could double or even triple your revenue without any additional products, listings or investing any more time in free traffic methods or money in paid traffic. If you master the art of getting repeat customers to your online store, this cold dramatically increase your sales within a few weeks and it can all be with a little bit of effort when it comes to packaging and branding yourself.

Here is an example of a website that offers branded packaging as a service to you:
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