How To Sell My Product Online ( Using Video Marketing)

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How To Sell My Product Online, Is a huge question so many people have, i did as well. The good news is I have a solution the this huge problem….its called Video Marketing. Its the fastest and easiest way to sell products online. Why you ask? Well because if you know what and how to make the video for your product you can get on the first page of Youtube and google and sell the heck out of your product or service. That is the top way online marketers sell products and services online.

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In this video I show you prof of how I rank videos for buyer keywords and get on the first page of YouTube and Google. That’s where you want to be if your trying to make any money selling your products online. So pay close attention as I show you the prof.

I also give you a link to the software I use to dominate the keyword searches so I can get my videos on the first page.

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What happens when everyone goes after the ‘Big Dawg” keywords?

PPC costs rise. Organic back linking competition rises.
Everything gets tougher and tougher.

Today I want to share with you a two pronged approach to dominating high traffic,
but low-competition keywords in Google.

Prong One: Forget about Google.

Focus on the ultimate ‘back door into Google’ strategy.
Post videos in YouTube. YouTube is owned by Google and
if you look at Google search results sometimes you will find videos on the first page.

The reason you don’t find it all the time is because
there aren’t enough relevant Youtube videos…

Think about that for a minute.

Prong Two: Go after neglected keywords with high traffic in YouTube.

Posting keyword optimized videos in YouTube
will get you into Google and often on its first page.

There are literally tens of thousands of good traffic keywords
that have little or no competition in YouTube.
Rank in YouTube and your chances of showing up in Google are excellent.

The Problem.

What are these Keywords?

Click here

to watch a short video explaining how easily
you can uncover these ‘Golden’ keywords and rank them in YouTube and Google.

PSS YouTube is the world’s second largest search engine
so even if you don’t rank in Google (and you will),
the traffic from YouTube alone is pretty impressive.

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