How to Sell Products Online

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If you’ve got a product based business, then you need to know how to sell your products online.
Unfortunately, selling online is not “one-size fits all” so it’s vital to keep YOUR industry in mind when you’re designing your marketing strategies.
In this video, I’ll show you how a small business owner who sells doll house miniatures – specifically food miniatures – is missing out on big bucks and what she can do to turn it around.
You’ll learn the importance of the FREE Google Keyword Tool and how using this tool to see what your customers are actually looking for is a must. Researching vs. guessing what you THINK they are looking for can significantly increase your website traffic and sales.
I also show you smart strategies about you email contact list, and how different customers want different things after they opt in to your list.
Additionally, where you place the opt in form on your site is very important. You’ll learn about that too.
Lastly I’ll discuss the importance of forming strategic partnerships with other people in your industry and why doing this can be another great way to reach different customers when you are selling products online.
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