How to set-up your Swiss company in One Day

How to set-up your Swiss company in One Day

Each week I have phone calls from international business people looking for a Swiss company with bank accounts in place. I will tell you exactly how we can provide you with a Swiss company already formed so you can start with your business immediately. Without to exaggerate, I can affirm that we have the fastest company formation and account opening team in Switzerland. Nobody is faster than we are.

The video shows you how we will coach you to be successful in doing international business. Watch this video and see how we do it. Hi, here is Enzo Caputo with To start a business we assist you with drawing up a business plan, find the most appropriate legal form, research your company name, to decide on a head office, to consider the most tax efficient location, to define capital requirements, to find a Swiss director, to reserve the internet domain, organize the capital payment account, to develop the design, the logo and corporate identity, to arrange the most convenient bookkeepers and accountants, to select the best accounting software, to register for a VAT number, to do a reporting to the social security agencies, to define the liability risks and select the insurance companies, to determine management organisation, organize internet SEO and other marketing activities etc..

If there is immediate need for a company, if there is urgency, we make few phone calls and we buy a company for our clients on the same day. If you buy an existing company, there is no need to pay the capital of CHF 100’000 but you need 20’000 CHF to buy 100% of the shares. We will bring your business to the next level and we do it very fast. We bring your business to the next level. We introduce you to the big boys being members of the international business community. If you think that the account opening procedure in Switzerland is simple, you are wrong. It’s not your mistake if you think that Switzerland is still an offshore jurisdiction.

Swiss bankers are happy to meet clients introduced by us because they know that we did the first due diligence verifications they can count on. We provide you with a Rolls Royce solution skyrocketing your business. A Swiss company with Swiss bank accounts and a Swiss Letter of Credit you are welcome all over the world.

Everybody knows that you have successfully passed the most severe due diligence procedures in the world. If you work with us we give you the passport to do big business.

If you want us to bring you to the next level, pick up the phone now and dial +41 79 790 44 44 and speak with me how to start your business in one day. I will analyse your business case with you free of charge. Be rich and remain rich.


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