List Of Companies That Pay $12-$15 an hour! ( Evaluating Websites) No Landline Needed

These are companies that offer work as a search engine/website evaluator.
You will need computer with Internet. No Mac computers. They don’t require Land line, just internet/high speed. I mentioned that you can try to work for more than one. But some may require you to work solely for them…this type of work sound tedious so I don’t recommend more than one lol.

an hour, Monthly pay by check or deposit.
United States, Canada, Belgium, Norway, Denmark, and Brazil

and up (based on job/duties given)

Job Opportunities

Appen Butler Hill:
per hour, but the exact rate will vary depending on the project you work on

Others To Keep An Eye On:
an hour weekly pay:) Only hires in US. They update positions from time to time…so you have
to check for positions in your location. Must register to apply.

an hour. Pay once a month. US Residents Only.
Doesn’t appear to post their WAH jobs on the company website. May have to search on Indeed or Craigslist to find openings. But good one to keep an eye on!

you can also find search engine evaluation tasks on Amazon MTurk through CrowdSource

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