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Grant Cooper is a young entrepreneur with specific interest in the internet, digital marketing and eCommerce space. Grant has successfully built multiple 6 and 7 figure companies online with no third party funding sources. Grant’s experience and success in the digital marketing industry and eCommerce space has given him the opportunity to coach other entrepreneurs and business owners on how to plan, process and execute an entire online business.

In 2013 while at Penn State University, Grant co-founded Social Vantage, a digital marketing agency that provides effective digital marketing and advertising solutions to businesses around the world.

Under Grant’s management, Social Vantage has pushed revenues well into the 7 figures, expanded its client base to 6 continents and has successfully provided digital marketing solutions to hundreds of businesses ranging from small to mid-sized firms, as well as Fortune 500 level firms.

Within the last 12 months, Grant has successfully launched three 6-figure eCommerce product companies. One of Grant’s product companies has amassed over 10 million video views on two different viral videos.

Grant’s digital marketing strategies have been responsible for well over Million Dollars in revenues for his clients and own ventures.

You can find Grant here:

Snapchat: GCONLINE

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