Online Branding Institute

The Online Branding Institute has one goal and that is to provide your business with the most cost effective internet branding on the market. So, let’s get started. First you will need to fill out our quick online questionnaire, the information you provide on the questionnaire allows our team to create your personalized Online Branding Report. The report is FREE and will contain information about how your company is listed on the internet and how your business stacks up against the competition. We start every new branding client with their very own Internet Commercial. We will schedule a time for one of our videographers to come to your location and gather footage of your business, your staff at work, customer testimonials and some interview clips from you, after which we will edit the footage into a High Definition Internet Commercial for YouTube, Google, Facebook, and LinkedInSecondly, we will identify 3 search engine friendly keywords that best describe your business and the service and products you offer and then rank your newly edited internet commercials for those keywords. We will submit your company’s information to the Top 10 online directories and subsequently submit information to 2 new online directories every month.Once that’s completed we will concentrate on your company’s social media footprint. We will start with creating an engaging Facebook Fan Page, a solid LinkedIn profile, and an effective Twitter account. We will create and submit relevant content to your social media entities on a daily basis to engage your customers and followers more effectively.While branding your company in all 3 vital areas of the internet, the online branding institute will implement a robust online reputation program, we will make sure your company is receiving 5 star reviews throughout the branding process and beyond.And there you have it, all three vital areas of the internet are completely covered for your business and as you can see The Online Branding Institute does all the heavy lifting. By the way, we offer FREE live monthly training sessions for all of our branding clients, these training sessions will give you tips on how to gain more clients in the every changing world of the internet.Thanks, and it’s our honor to help you take your business to the next level.

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