Proper Site Structure For Good SEO and Good Google Rankings – How to set up your WordPress site for best SEO and Google rankings. In this video I show the proper way to manually set up your site structure to achieve top-rankings in Google and good authority for your site.

You might be surprised at how easy it is to set up a WordPress site – Google TELLS you what keywords to use and how to structure your site in a good silo fashion with clear navigation.

This technique does NOT require any special keyword tools to do it manually.

I also give an insiders look at P1 Traffic Machine from Peter Garety. The manual method shown in this video works very well, but P1 Traffic Machine makes it SO much easier and MUCH faster.

Whether you are building your sites for affiliate marketing, CPA marketing, niche marketing or just for your own personal backlinking needs, this method works great.

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How To Set Your Site Up For Proper SEO and Good Google Rankings

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