SEO Classes in Seattle, Washington

Hello, I’m Nils Osmar. I teach Search Engine Optimization classes in Seattle, Washington. My classes are co-sponsored by the University of Washington’s experimental College and my own program,

If you’re considering hiring an SEO to optimize your website, or getting some training so you can do effective SEO yourself, be sure to check out your trainer first. If they’re knowledgable and experienced at doing SEO, their website should be at or near the top of Google for terms such as SEO, SEO classes or SEO training (followed by the name of your city).

For example, before taking SEO classes from me, you might want to check and see how my classes are doing in the SERPS (the search engine results pages).

The best way to check is to use Google Chrome, and go into incognito mode. This will show results that are NOT influenced by your previous search history, or by cookies on your computer. (Searching this way also prevents people from showing you deceptive results based on searches they’ve “set up” on the computer previously.)

To search this way, first sign out of google, including any Gmail accounts

• Then open up Chrome
• Then open an Incognito window.
• On a PC, type Ctrl + Shift + N
• On a Mac type Command + Shift + N
• A NEW window will open up telling you you’re in incognito mode. There’s a little icon of a spy in the upper right hand corner.
• THEN type in the search phrase.

Then search for SEO CLASSES or SEO CLASSES (your city).

If your SEO or SEO teacher comes in at or near the top, let’s just say it’s a good sign. If they’re on page 2, that would be a red flag.

Another thing to look for is whether your SEO, or SEO instructor, has authorship, which is to day, does his or her face appear next to the listing in the SERPs? If it does, this is another indication that he or she knows about creating effective websites and doing effective SEO.

Another thing to ask is, do any of his or her websites have Google sitelinks? Sitelinks, listings at or near the top of the SERPs, or listings with author photos tend to suggest that Google regards the site as authoritative, and may be an indication that your SEO instructor has valid things to offer.

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