SEO for Attorneys Seattle | Seattle Law Firm SEO Case Study

This Seattle Family Law Firm case study will illustrate how SEO, Reputation, Video Marketing, and advertising blend into a comprehensive marketing plan designed to attract and engage more law clients for a legal firm. We will be concentrating on SEO, reputation, video and mobile and an overall digital media marketing plan that has been highly successful in driving new clients to this Seattle Law Firm.

This is the best of internet marketing, and brand optimization and brand presence online. High visibility, high authority, social proof, all illustrated in this case study for attorneys. These same strategies work for any professional service be you a dentist, cosmetic surgeon, veterinarian, or any other type of local business.

Ask yourself these questions while watching this case study.

1. Why would a potential client choose you over the competitor?
2. What makes you the authority or expert in your legal niche, and do people know you are an authority?
3. Time for honest self examination. Examine your online presence, and compare to this attorney. As a consumer, would you choose them or you?

Why Reputation?

Today’s modern consumer is highly selective. 70% of these consumers trust online reviews and what other people say about you. It’s the modern version of word of mouth referrals that has always been the highest converting method to gain clients. Personal Referrals are trusted by 84% of people. Successful marketing begins with building a solid online reputation and giving today’s consumer what they demand. You must lead with your reputation – this is YOUR Brand in the local community.

Your Trust Factor + Your Reputation = Your Brand!

You should always be optimizing your brand, amplifying your brand, and pushing your brand (your reputation in the local community) in your marketing endeavors.

Why SEO?

SEO consistently proves itself to be the highest ROI. Google is trusted by 808% of consumers, that is why they choose Google, they trust Google to give them the best information. By having front page listings in Google, you have high visibility, your have trust transferrence, and you have authority in the consumer’s eyes. Remember, it is about what the public perceives you to be, and the public perceives you to be one of the best if Google is displaying you on the front page.

Why Video?

Video will be the most popular form of marketing in 2016. I have seen studies that suggest that 80% of searches in Google will be for video by 2018. Video is the perfect medium for smart phones. Would you rather read or watch a video on your phone? Video is one of the best ways to have likeability – people can see you, hear you, and know you through video, and can be a tremendous conversion tool. Video is also about 50 times easier to rank than a website. You can make immediate inroads into your local market with video marketing.

Why Mobile?

Simple facts. Mobile use passed desktop use in 2015. Depending on your niche, your mobile visitors can anywhere from 35% to 70% of your total traffic. If you are not mobile, over 60% of mobile users will leave your site and NEVER return. Over 50% of mobile users make a buying decision within an hour of visiting a website. Facebook traffic is 75% mobile. You simple must be mobile to meet the demands of the modern consumer. You are losing over half your traffic and potential clients if you’re not, that simple.

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