SEO Perth Tips – Stay Away From Cheap SEO Companies

A look at what actually happens when you try to cut corners and hire those 0 a month SEO companies from third world countries.

You’ll eventually end up with a penalised site and find yourself calling us for our search engine optimisation penalty recovery services.

Is it not better to spend just a little more and get safe, long term SEO? Honestly, I don’t care if you go with us or one of the other companies on the first page when you google “SEO Perth”, but for your own business’s sake, please please please don’t hire a cheap SEO firm.

Sure shop around to get a good price, but if something is too good to be true, it probably is.

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There are a lot of great Perth SEO companies, but there are plenty of others who don’t have a clue what they’re doing. It seems to be the nature of the business that people become dissatisfied and move on. Though they are unlikely to move on if you’re doing a great job for them and bringing in a lot of business for them.

Unfortunately, search engine optimisation takes a lot of resources to do properly. On top of that, any good SEO practitioner is going to spend a lot of money continuing his or her education and a whole lot more on testing out various theories and techniques. You don’t want them testing on your websites in case it backfires, so they have to have a bunch of testing domains. However this continuing education and testing is what sets the great optimizers apart from the cheap companies who only want to make a quick buck off you and move on.

Of course you can always try your hand with a cheap search engine optimisation group, but you’ll eventually get sick of being penalised or not getting any results and call us. What’s a couple of months you say? Well, it’s not just that – if they’re bad, there may be a whole lot of junk to clean up before you can get results.

So I guess you may as well save yourself some time and messing around and find out whether SEO Perth is right for you.

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