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Requires a few Basic steps.

1. Who is your targeted viewer.
By that I mean

Where do they live?
What problem do that needs fixed?
What Products and services do you have that
fix their problem?

1. The Title.
the Problem listed first
2. Include the targeted city and state.
3. Limited the title to 64 letters and spaces.

The video.
1. Say the title of the video as near as possible at the begging of the video.

2. at the same time frame Display the video title in text first thing in the video.

3. Talk about the problem the target viewer needs fixed.

4. Show and talk about how your product or service fixes this problem

5. Talk about how the target viewer life will be better after the problem is fixed.

6. Show and tell what you want the targeted viewer to do next.

7. To close the deal make a free offer of something valuable to your targeted viewer. Information. Free consultation. Free Estimate. More free information.

I hope this helps you to sell more of what you have to sell.

Let me know when you need a little help.
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