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Office at Zapopan, Jalisco y DF. México.
The task of SEO WEB Positioning is something in we have worked for more than 23 years ago when we started that, we took it out to Mosaic and later Netscape now in our days google, the Web Positioning is a task in which we analyze and care from the contents of our web sites to images, weight and title, description, content, meta tags etc.

Web positioning or SEO, our company understands from the simple style of seeking to improve the position of a web page ranking using the best techniques to improve the position of our customers web pages, from the domain name with a keyword to the content of a web page.

In our SEO experience we share the following, if you’re looking to improve your position in your WEB PAGE following these tips, follow the guidelines of search engines, identifying well your competition, you do not stop working by try and error, with this the result is reflected until 15 days later, carrying a log of your modifications, stay a day of developments in SEO web, you have to keep a day of all new servers, browsers, social networks etc. Never ending, so if you want to be a real competition, Dedicate this for at least 3 hours a day. Do not forget that Web positioning Mexico can always count on Marketing Web will be your competition.

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