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Search Engine Optimization is defined as the method that increases a websites’s rankings on Google and other major search engines, such as Bing, Yahoo, and AOL….although, increasingly the emphasis for most businesses should be on Google, since most people use it as their one and only search engine….so much, that “Googling” is synonymous with searching online.

The important thing to realize for local businesses is how important it is to have their website ranked in the first 3-5 positions. After that, it will be hard to find them. And if prospects cannot find the businesses when they are looking for a product or service, they will simply go to another company site and buy from a competitor.

There are three main parts of to SEO:
– On Page
– Off Page
– Social Signals

On page – This is the basic/beginner stuff. Most people can do this themselves with a small to medium learning curve. This is where you optimize your urls, your titles, your descriptions, and maybe even the content a bit. You want to mention your keywords here and there, but be very careful not to over-optimize.

Off Page – This is the more advanced stuff. Backlinking from relevant, aged, powerful domains that will give you link juice. You have to use the right anchor text, but be very careful not to send links from spammy sights or sites that were just created. Google will catch on and possibly penalize or de-index you, in certain situations. You do not want this to happen. I could take months to repair the damage.

Social signals – These are a very important component of a solid SEO strategy. Google loves there because essentially they are votes of confidence that someone likes your content and considers it relevant. Promote your links and business on social channels. Engage with people. Make sure to update all of your profiles with your url and domain name.
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